Festa di San Vito

Festa di San Vito

Festa di San Vito

Festa di San Vito


The 15th june is a date very important for San Vito Lo Capo because there is the San Vito Fest dedicated to the Patron of the country.

All the people participate actively especially the sailors of the country to this religious event.

For a week there are different activities like music, games and religious celebrations.

In the evening of 15th June, at sunset, all the boats of San Vito lo Capo leave the harbour to go in front of the beach, while a little boat carries on the beach the young Vito, Modesto e Crescenzia, it's a very exciting moment.

Between colored lights, the long procession goes forward until to the Sanctuary through the streets of the village while people sings hymns.

This religious fest marks the beginning of the summer season, a good occasion for your holidays.

Festa di San Vito - Ogni anno il 15 giugno



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