Cuscusiere in Show for the Cous Cous Fest 2015

Cuscusiere in Show for the Cous Cous Fest 2015

Cuscusiere in Show for the Cous Cous Fest 2015

Cuscusiere in Show for the Cous Cous Fest 2015


He could not find better location this beautiful exhibition of "cuscusiere" born from the idea of Patrizia Spagnolo.

Some of the works were created, exclusively for Patrizia Spagnolo by master potters of Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra. Skilled craftsmen have interpreted, in an original and personal way, the special "pot" to prepare the couscous, giving different shapes and colors, while others have come down to us from the markets of Nabeul, Kairouan and Sousse in Tunisia, and Fez in Morocco.

The Cuscusiera is a terracotta container, metal or woven rattan, steamer middling products (couscous) called taseksut in Berber, kiska: s in Arabic, keskes in North West Africa or couscous (couscoussier or couscoussière) in French. The cuscusiera is resting on a metal pot in which you cook the vegetables, meat stew flavored or plain water. And 'this characteristic of the perforated bottom that allows the steam to cook the grits "incocciata" and having them absorb the flavors of the broth below.
If the joint between the edge of the pot bottom and cuscusiera not sealed they placed a wet cloth or sealed with a paste of flour and water to not allow steam to escape.

The exhibition will enrich the program of the 18th edition of Cous Cous Fest 2015, the cuscusiere will be exhibited in the show-room in Via Farini 18 to 27 September.

One more reason to come and taste the most famous dish of the Mediterranean, browse among the stands of 'Expo Village and enjoy the shows and concerts every evening they give us great artists.



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