10 sicilian dishes that will surprise you!

10 sicilian dishes that will surprise you!

10 sicilian dishes that will surprise you!

10 sicilian dishes that will surprise you!

The sicilian cuisine is well known for its wonderful food.

Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish influenced  the cuisine of the island and  enriched  it with spices and herbs making it unique in the world.

But another  factor  that makes great the sicilian cuisine is the excellence of its seasonal ingredients, almost always locally grown.

San Vito Lo Capo, homeland of cous cous, is one of the most popular dining destinations in Sicily.

His famous Cous Cous Fest, the event dedicated to the typical Arabic dish, each year attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world, but I assure you that the couscous can be enjoyed comfortably throughout the year.

We know it is difficult to choose only 10 dishes, but we want to suggest a Top 10 of what you absolutely have to try before you go home.

Cous cous

Requires a slow preparation the couscous ... is slow by nature, not for fashion.

Dish symbol of the Mediterranean and the protagonist of cultural integration and the desire for peace among peoples.

Of course, the cous cous you can eat all year round in San Vito Lo Capo but during the week of Cous Cous Fest, in September, this dish becomes an integral part of a unique sensory experience.


Pasta con le sarde

This dish, with a few simple ingredients but strong flavor, it is one of the most appreciated. Bucatini with fresh sardines, anchovies, wild fennel, sultanas, tomato and bread crumbs. Definitely a “one course meal” for the presence of blue fish.


Beloved for its bittersweet taste, caponata can not miss on the table of the Sicilians. Excellent as a starter but also as a side dish with fish or meat.  Aubergine, tomatoes, onions, capers, pine nuts, basil  and vinegar slowly cooked with a spoon of sugar.  After the first time you will love it.


Even if the name remember  a far from place from Sicily, the Genovesi  are one of the most famous desserts of our area. A housing enclosing a delicious crumbly cream. The Genoese were prepared by nuns in Erice. Today you can find in many  bakeries but if you want to combine the taste also the discovery of the medieval town of Erice, the experience will be even more interesting. (Erice is located in 40-minute drive from San Vito Lo Capo)

Sicilian Cassata

Only few words for the most famous sweet of Sicily. A riot of sweet ricotta cheese, sponge cake and candied fruit for the pleasure of the eyes and the palate. 

Caldo Freddo (hot ice cream)

Born in San Vito Lo Capo in the fifties is now the most famous dessert of the country.

Can not resist a bowl of ice cream creamy and fresh with inside a small brioche soaked in rum ... all covered with a hot chocolate sprinkled with hazelnuts.

A masterpiece!

Arancini (stuffed rice balls)

Round like an orange, golden and crispy on the outside but with a soft heart of rice topped with a meat sauce or mozzarella and ham. In western Sicily  this street food is called arancina instead in the est of Sicily its name is arancino.
Surely one of the most famous Sicilian street food.

You will be spoiled for choice, because they are seasoned in a thousand different ways, mozzarella, sausage, vegetables, shrimp ... cannot be missed.

Great as a snack on the beach, or for a quick lunch at home.

Pane cunzato (sicilian bread)

If you think the usual sandwich you are right off the road. The bread cunzato is the typical Sicilian bread seasoned with unmistakable flavors of our land. Salted anchovies, oregano, cheese and ripe tomato with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza rianata

The pizzas all look the same ... but the Pizza trapanese also called rianata (origanata) is a special one. 

The genuine ingredients  are its secret. 

The most famous Pizzerias in the area are: Calvino, Aleci, Yolanda ... but there are also excellent  takeaway pizzerias in San Vito Lo Capo.


The Cannoli is made of crispy waffles, stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese. We can say that the Cannolo is the cake that best represents the enormous variety of Sicilian pastry.The most famous place to eat a good cannolo is the pastry Eurobar in Dattilo



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