Angola is the Champion of the World of Cous Cous Fest 2017

Angola is the Champion of the World of Cous Cous Fest 2017

Angola is the Champion of the World of Cous Cous Fest 2017

Angola is the Champion of the World of Cous Cous Fest 2017


Angola is the winner of the XX Cous Cous Fest. The recipe of chefs Helt Araújo and Ricardo Braga has convinced the technical jury, among the other 9 countries in the race: Ivory Coast, France, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Senegal, United States and Tunisia. The technical jury, chaired by Joe Bastianich, judge of Masterchef Italia, has seen 12 experts trained among journalists, chefs and food bloggers. To the Angolan delegation went the Unicredit prize and it was delivered by the vice mayor of San Vito Lo Capo, Maria Cusenza and Salvo Malandrino, Sicilian regional manager of Unicredit.


According to the technical jury the Angolan recipe, a cous cous fish with denden muamba and red prawns of Mazara, grilled fillet, sprinkled with dried shrimp and toasted caterpillars, "is a dish that blends, in perfect balance, elements of native cuisine between such as dried worms and spina plugs, with elements of Japanese cuisine, amalgamating them to the best and demonstrating high technical abilities. "

Angola has also been awarded with the prize for the best presentation of the dish, "Elegant even to the view, composed and in full balance of volumes. Well thought out and accomplished with high professionalism. " The two chefs, therefore, also the award offered by Conad and delivered by Giovanni Cardinale, managing director of Conad Sicilia. The chefs were accompanied on stage by Emanuela Vita, representative of the Embassy of Angola.

The popular jury, made up of visitors to the event, rewarded Tunisia, represented by chef Bilel Ouechtati, chef at the restaurant "Le Baroque" in Tunis and Bouadra Tayed, who proposed a plate titled "Mosaic of Carthage" shrimp, grouper, aubergine and beetroot. Their recipe was rewarded with the acknowledgment offered by Bia CousCous and handed over by Luciano Pollini, Bia's Managing Director and Regional Agriculture Advisor Antonello Cracolici.

In Senegal, represented by chef Mareme Cisse, chef at Ginger People & Food, in the historic center of Agrigento and a member of the Al Kharub Social Co-operative, created to promote the employment of people with social disadvantage and to promote social and cultural integration non-EU citizens, has instead been the prize for the originality of the recipe offered by Electrolux Professional and delivered by Rita Montanari, Electrolux South Italia's sales manager.

On stage, the chef also adorns Joseph Micieli, the Scjabica restaurant in Punta Secca, who won the "Chef for a dinner" chef under 30, sponsored by Electrolux Professional for the valorization of young talents of Italian cuisine.



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