Baglio, Olio e Mare

Baglio, Olio e Mare

Baglio, Olio e Mare

Baglio, Olio e Mare


From July 31st to August 2nd this event will take place, precisely on this magnificent Bay, for the lovers of fine Sicilian cuisine.

Enjoy great blue fish, freshly caught, along with other local specialties in the incredible scenario, the Bay and the promontory of Mounte Cofano (Nature Reserve) will be a unique experience.

Castelluzzo is a small fraction of San Vito Lo Capo, famous for its tasty oil and quality, here there are many B & B, Hotel & Country House in the wildernress, where you can stay enjoying the serenity of the olive valley and the many coves on coast.

The program provides every day, from Friday to Sunday lunch at the beach from 12.00 H to 15.00 H.

Two menus, to choose from:
Excellent busiate with pesto Trapanese and fried fish, bruschetta, yellow melon and a glass of wine.
Great mixed with the fresh fish of the day, Sicilian bread, yellow melon and a glass of wine.

While on Friday and Saturday evening you will dine in the main square of Castelluzzo from 20.00H to 23.00H.
Grilled mixed fish, bread, yellow melon and a glass of wine.

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Leopoldo Cuscino

Salve ,Bellissima iniziativa,stiamo pensando di partecipare alla manifestazione del 31 luglio per potere visionare il luogo che ci affascina un bel po anche perché avremmo intenzione di trascorrere qualche settimana ad Agosto, a tal proposito vorremmo maggiori in informazioni e delucidazioni essendo anche genitori di una ragazza disabile.sicuri di una vostra risposta vi mandiamo distinti saluti

Cous Cous Fest


A nice trip among mediterranean flavors, music and cultures

Zingaro Nature Reserve


Impossible to resist to this fascinating place... a mix between sea and nature.

San Vito lo Capo

The most beautiful beach in Europe !!!