Bue Marino Bay - San Vito lo Capo

Bue Marino Bay

Bue Marino beach

The stunning view of this corner of the coast that can be defined as "a paradise"!
We are just few minutes from San Vito Lo Capo, in the west coast of Sicily, where the sea with its nuances, the scents of native vegetation, the vastness of the landscapes, the mild climate almost all year, invite us to enjoy it during all seasons.

We are in one of the most popular and visited beaches of Italy!
The cove of the Bue Marino has been awarded in 2016 with the support of Legambiente as "La più bella sei tu"(you are the beautiful one).
A cobbled stretch of coastline that that gives strong emotions to its visitors, especially at the sunset when the horizon is tinged with red.

Next to it there is the beach dell'Isulidda (small island), another enchanting corner where you can swim and explorer the under water caves that dot the coast; a true marine park where snorkelers can really have fun and spend whole days.
Not far from this place it is possible to see the wall cliffs of Cala Mancina, very loved  by climbers. They are a true show of nature, full of caves and dolomite colors. At the top of them stands an ancient watchtower, Tower dell'Isulidda.

Baia Santa Margherita

The silhouette of Cofano Mount dominates the horizon with a special elegance that is unrivaled for its spectacular colours.
This territory,with its natural beaches was saved from building speculation and is now the flagship of San Vito lo Capo, 
Close to this stretch of coast there are the two little villages of San Vito Lo Capo: Castelluzzo and Macari where you find a strong mediterranean spirit.
Here you can spend a quiet holiday by the rhythm of the nature, staying in hotels, bed and breakfast or in apartments. The atmosphere is always friendly and familiar.

Olive, almond and citrus groves surround the homes while on the background stands a sea of a unique blue.
A show available in all seasons, for those who love the sea, the nature, the lively experience and  of course the good food!

Baia santa Margherita
Bue Marino Bay
Baia Santa Margherita
Sunset on Bue Marino Bay

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San Vito lo Capo

The most beautiful beach in Europe !!!