The rite of Cous Cous in San Vito Lo Capo

The rite of Cous Cous in San Vito Lo Capo

The rite of Cous Cous in San Vito Lo Capo

The rite of Cous Cous in San Vito Lo Capo

I like the couscous, but what excites me the most is the atmosphere of cous cous that accompanies the dish.

Yes, because it is not like the steak that you pull from the fridge and you throw on the grill, in a mechanical daily action.
The couscous is something else, and it's important the whole preparatory phase, filled with desire, patience and love for a culture that is hidden within you, and it's necessary that you should pull out .

Here, the good cous cous is born already in the first phase: in the choice of fish soup, in search of the aromas, with the knowledge that if you want it for lunch, you have to knead the flour ('ncucciarla) early in the morning, when your energies have still taste fresh, most of the fish and the spices are in front of you.

You must accept and share the slow realization of this dish, with an incessant rotational movement of the fingers that 'ncoccianu the durum wheat with a tad bit of salt water, and continue with the cinnamon, black pepper and the chopped almonds, garlic, onions, parsley and olive oil, like a prayer,one after another, in a long rosary.

Art work enemy of the quickly, you understand immediately.
Even for the long time, an hour and a half and more,which it requires for cooking. And then, the long rest, after wet with fish broth.
Slow, phlegmatic, sedentary and solar, this is the cous cous, like the Arabs, that they have brought it to us. 

For all this, I have always felt that the couscous can not be confined to the pseudo nobility of the dishes of the holiday.
The Couscous you can only do when you feel like it, when you feel inspired.

Thus, it can happen that Easter has a mess of any lasagna, and during an insignificant day you can enjoy the warm sunshine of a plate of cous cous.
(Enzo Battaglia- Sea: stories, things and emotions, Campo Editore, 2002)


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