Delicacies to be enjoyed in San Vito lo Capo


Sicilian desserts

The long list of sicilian desserts, all delicious and made with genuine ingredients, that  you will find in San Vito Lo Capo, are the pride of the local bakery and  patisseries.
Ricotta is one of the basic ingredients of many tipical sweets like cassata, cannoli, staples, peaches, cassatelle... Almonds are widely used in pastries, in the so-called "ericini", but mostly in the Martorana fruits, famous for its brightly colored shapes.

We will show you some places where you can find the best desserts in the area:


Due is a visit to this delightful medieval village and to its famous pastry "Maria Grammatico".
Here you will find every kind of sweet taste and the famous Genovese, baked sweet stuffed with soft cream.

Maria Grammatico learned to make this cakes as she was a child, snatching the secrets of the nuns of the convent in which she lived. Nowadays you can have the chance to stare to this pastry exhibition of her work and its thousand scents and colors. .



45 kilometers far from San Vito Lo Capo, it is the former capital of the province.
It is really worth to visit this small town situated on the western tip of Sicily, with its downtown full of old churches and noble palaces.

About delicacies even here you have a wide choice, but the place we want to introduce you to is the pastry Colicchia, famous for its refreshing granite,  a simple mix of granulated ice with fresh  fruits and sugar. Perfect  for a relaxing breakfast or a cool break during the day.

Culicchia pasticceria


This is the most famous location where to get the chance to buy the sicilian Cannoli, a fried tube of pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese.
Cannoli are no doubts the most famous dessert of the island, everybody claims to make the best ones, but we assure you that in EuroBar  there are true masters for cannoli.

Cannoli siciliani


This small seaside village halfway between San Vito Lo Capo and Trapani is famous for a festival dedicated every year to a typical traditional local pastry, le spinci , which is a delicious pancake with sugar.

spince custonaci

Cannoli Ericini
Cannoli Ericini
Frutta Martorana
Frutta Martorana

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