Exploring the seabeds of San Vito Lo Capo

Exploring the seabeds of San Vito Lo Capo

Exploring the seabeds of San Vito Lo Capo


Because Life is underwater as well !

We speak and breathe, eat and breathe .... sleep and breathe! There is nothing more normal, there is nothing to think about, but ..... you have ever tried to do underwater? The first moments are strange, no longer it seems something automatic, natural and then the noise .... every time we breathe out a gurgle of bubbles will fill the ears, but does not last long! In a few moments the whole gives way to amazement and not think about it anymore, we are breathing and we are doing it under the water around us and opens a new world fish everywhere, a stone moves and look well understand that it is an octopus, the blue sea, white sand bottom, rocks encrusted with sponges orange, yellow and purple.
And then the lack of weight, did you know that astronauts are trained in the pool?
In water it has almost the same feeling of weightlessness that comes in space.
Some, especially divers, like to think that this is one of the "extreme" sports, but nothing is farther from reality, any activity implies risks also cross the street and if nothing happens it is because we know how to do and this is a rule that can be applied to everything, even to diving. Diving Centres, English "Diving Center", there are classes and activities to suit all needs.
In Diving UNDER HUNDRED, on the beach of San Vito Lo Capo, it is possible to discover the diving with a dive with an instructor or to follow a class proper with release of Patent Underwater internationally recognized that will introduce you in the new world of travel and experiences.

The East, the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, wherever there is the possibility to dive on a planet we call Earth, but which in fact is covered for 70% of the seas!

But without going too far from here ...San Vito Lo Capo is a paradise not only for its beaches but also for its seabed, appreciated by beginners and experienced divers.
Dry walls, caves and wrecks ... there is everything for all levels of experience and we are there UNDER HUNDRED DIVING CENTER ready to take you on fantastic dives.



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