Easter time in western Sicily

Easter time in western Sicily

Easter time in western Sicily

Easter time in western Sicily


Easter time is the most important period for Christian culture. In Sicily, the tradition of showing the Passion of Jesus Christ was brought by the Spaniards. The spectacular processions are very exciting.

Also the food is particular on Easter time, we look at it later!

The most important procession in western  Sicily is in Trapani. The Mysteries, 20 statuary groups, are carried on the shoulders of the faithful for 24 hours around the town, from Friday to Saturday. It is the longest procession in Italy.  Its origin dates back to the 1600s.
After a whole night, when the sun rises up, pilgrims are very tired, and in city's port, you can see the most high moment when the Passion is on the face of people taking part.

Also in Erice, there is a smaller celebration as Trapani. It's very amazing to see this ancient procession around the medieval small streets of this amazing Medieval town.
This event it dates back to 1742, it was the biggest in the area, with 109 characters and a Madonna of sorrows statue brought by people. Today the parade is composed by 6 groups of statues brought by people. This parade among the little streets is really very evocative.

Near San Vito Lo Capo, there is another very suggestive Easter event. In the little country of Buseto Palizzolo, the Palms Sunday, there is  a long Procession dedicated to the Jesus passion. On the contrary from Trapani and Erice, the characters are represented by real people. This parade starts in the morning, and goes all day, the best time to see it is when sun shines, when all bands play the same march during the entrance.

In Sicily all the traditions finally are celebrated with a good food!
The typical menu of Easter Sunday includes the lamb, stuffed and cooked very slowly and a  sweet lamb made by sugar. Cudduredde, honey biscuits with colored sugar and sweets made by almond in shapes of sheep, with some chocolate, are loved by children  … and of course it cannot be missed the best cake, that represents happiness, the sicilian Cassata.

Have a nice Easter!


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