Egadi Islands

Egadi Islands

Egadi Islands

Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo

Isole Egadi

The Egadi Islands are located in western Sicily.

Favignana is the biggest one, Levanzo is the smallest and closest to the coast, while Marettimo is the most remote and wild. The Egadi islands are a Marine Reserve to preserve its pristine sea and its natural landscapes.

Marettimo is a little paradise. The small white houses of the fishermen are concentrated around a tiny square; colorful boats invade the harbor, mountains in spring are covered with beautiful plants. It is a perfect place for the lovers of snorkelling and scuba diving.
Do not forget to take a boat tour of the island, with one of the several fishermen of Marettimo. It will be a fantastic experience.

The small island of Levanzo is mostly loved by those who want to experience the sea in a quiet way. One of the main reasons to go in Levanzo is to visit the Grotta del Genovese ("Cave of Genovese"), where you can see a lot of primitive human messages with graffiti and rock paintings of men and animals. This place is an hour far from the centre. You can go walk to Cala Mancina or to Faraglione, while you can go by boat and visit the sea caves of Tramontana and Calcara.

Favignana is the most famous of the three islands, but also the largest. It owes its fame to the presence of one of the largest Tonnaras in Sicily, where until few years ago it was possible to assist the "mattanza" (killing) of tunas. Today the ancient Tonnara Florio, closed in 1977, is a Museum of history for tunas and fishermen.
The island is called the Butterfly of Egadi for its figure. If you go to the top of Monte Santa Caterina it will be possible to admire the amazing landscape of the entire archipelago.
It is ideal  to go by bike to explore the island, maybe stopping for a swim in the several bays or go by boat in search of the famous caves. This experience will be unforgettable.

But before you go away do not miss the chance to experience a dip in the waters of Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra.
You should also visit the Cave di Tufo (tuff caves), one of the most typical things of the island.

Useful Info:

  • Numerose le escursioni organizzate che, nel periodo estivo, da San Vito Lo Capo, partono giornalmente per le Egadi.
  • Come arrivare:

    Le isole Egadi si possono raggiungere anche dal porto di Trapani con numerose corse giornaliere di Aliscafi e Motonavi della Siremar e Ustica Lines.

Santa Caterina Castel in Favignana
Santa Caterina Castel in Favignana

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