Experience the mountains in San Vito Lo Capo

Experience the mountains in San Vito Lo Capo

Experience the mountains in San Vito Lo Capo

Experience the mountains in San Vito Lo Capo

For everyone, San Vito Lo Capo is: sea, a white beach, couscous, Riserva dello Zingaro ... but there is also a hidden San Vito Lo Capo: the San Vito Lo Capo of paths.

We chose a sunny Sunday to climb Monte Monaco, together with the friends of the CAI of Erice, the mountain that stands out on the gulf of San Vito Lo Capo, following path 609.

From the white and deserted beach I look up and see my destination, the cross at the top, right on the top of Monte Monaco.

In this period San Vito Lo Capo is splendid, some days have nothing to envy to the summer. I look at the blue sea, but my heart is already thinking about the climb.

I start towards the entrance of the path from the side overlooking the town. Although it is not the first time that I walk this path, I am surprised by the steep climb that takes your breath away but which allows us, after a few minutes, to see the view over the Gulf of San Vito Lo Capo.

The Lighthouse appears to us on the half moon of the earth as a small white bulwark against the intense blue of the sea! Memories of Saracens come to mind ready to besiege the walls of what is now the fortress sanctuary of San Vito Martire.

We climb quickly, up to the saddle that precedes the top of the mountain, entranced by the colors and scents that inebriate the air.

There, after wandering the horizon, seeing Mount Cofano with Erice behind it and the Egadi islands, gently lying on the crystalline sea, we go up the last stretch up to the Iron Cross. This large cross was placed right on the top triangle of the summit by a devoted believer and is visible from far away.

It is there that the view of the Gulf of Castellammare opens in front of us from the opposite side of San Vito. We see in the distance the mountains that surround Palermo and Capo Gallo.

The scent of the sea reaches us from so far away and gives us energy, after the short stop, to embark on the descent.

You can go back towards San Vito Lo Capo following the same path or, as we have chosen, you can descend from the opposite side of the mountain and reach the enchanting Lake of Venus.

Light and unexpected clouds arrive and chase each other over our heads.

The beauty of the paths marked by the CAI is that of being able to follow, in tranquility, a path even without knowing it.

At a certain point the slope becomes gentler and takes us through cultivated gardens and orchards that once were reached on foot by farmers, a magical landscape.

Arrived on the road that leads to the Zingaro Nature Reserve, lined with hundreds of dwarf palms, we are about to reach our new destination: the Lake of Venus.

This fascinating glimpse of the coast, a stretch of sea protected by huge blocks of rock, can be reached by land crossing a grove of cork trees that throws us into an enchanted world… of elves and fairies!

The sea, sweet and calm, invites us to take a little dip, we do not let ourselves be prayed for ... it is our way to say goodbye to the summer!


Still wet but invigorated, we walk the last stretch of the route that takes us back to the starting point from the coast!

This magical territory allows us to take walks in all seasons to enjoy the sea and the mountains together.

Another wonderful Sunday!

Roberta Zaccarini Fazio



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