Libri, autori e bouganville

Libri, autori e bouganville

Libri, autori e bouganville

Libri, autori e bouganville


Opens on 13th July, the sixteenth season of “Libri, autori e bouganville” (books, authors and bougainvillea), the festival of literary events organized by Giacomo Pilati; now a classic Sicilian summer. Writers, journalists will meet in via Venza to describe their latest book and especially for dialogue with the hundreds of spectators who frame the event.

Opening the festival literary, Aldo Cazzullo, political scientist and columnist for the Corriere della Sera. The book presents in San Vito Lo Capo "Possa il mio sangue servire" a nonfiction best seller of the latter week, is the story of the Resistance against the heritage of the nation and not of a faction.

On July 15 touches the publishing phenomenon of the moment, Luca Bianchini, who with his "Ci credi al destino" is at the top of the list of best-selling books.

Andrea Vitali, one of the authors Italian best-selling abroad, with over two million books sold in Italy, on July 17 offers his latest book "Cece", hilarious and unlikely characters enact a carousel of irresistible comedy.

July 21 Giacomo Di Girolamo tells his Spoon River in Italian "Dormono sulla collina", a gigantic, tragic and poetic, lyrical and comic, optimistic and desperate, destined to be a classic.

July 24, Margaret and Michael Gargiulo Auction evoke thirty ani away "Con Te in un futuro aprile" a page of Italian history, the massacre of Pizzolungo, tragically experienced by Margherita then child.

July 30 is the former judge Gherardo Colombo's famous pool of Milan prosecutors to tell the season Clean Hands in the book "Lettera a un figlio su mani pulite", the years dramatic and full of hope that saw him among the protagonists of most important judicial inquiry of the recent history of Italy.

August 3 is Corradino Mineo, director of Rainew senator already 24, protagonist of street Venza with "Il caffè amaro", an analysis of the change of behavior and roles following the "crisis of ideologies".

With Josephine Toregrossa and his "La miscela segreta di casa Olivares", relives a crowd of humble but capable of deep humanity. A great saga against the backdrop of a magical Sicily full of aromas.

On August 11, Lirio Abate presents "I re di Roma" the great journalistic investigation which was the starting Mafia capital, politicians, criminals, public officials.

Katia Ricciarelli August 17 with "Da donna a donna" reveals her private life crossroads of major meetings and of a brilliant career. On August 20, Alessandro D'Avenia and his "What is hell," a poetic fresco of Palermo Don Pino Puglisi.

August 28 Matteo Collura and his "La badante", a unique novel questions about one of the crucial issues of the contemporary world: the continuing, increasingly medicalized, of life, but often transforms old age in a cruel solitude.

On August 30, the festival closes Myron Luciano and Antonio Bonanno with a graphic nine out "Cosimo Cristina," the story of the first journalist killed by the Mafia. A boy of 25 years to the late fifties declares war on Cosa Nostra and is killed by the suicide.



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