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Trail Monte Monaco

Monte Monaco

Monte Monaco Trail

Monte Monaco seems to protect with its figure San Vito Lo Capo and its beach.
With its walls of dolomite rock, it is one of the favorite sites for climbing, although it is easy to reach the top thanks to the ancient path .
This path was used in the past by farmers and shepherds to reach higher grounds and it was restored few years ago. From the top of the mountain you can see the spectacular view over the gulf of Castellammare until Monte Cofano, from the beach of San Vito Lo Capo to the farer Monte Erice and, if you are lucky, you may even see the island of Ustica at the horizon.

The trail starts from the road to Mondello where there is a panel that shows all the way with a trail marking. Near the top you can see the ruins of a disused marble quarry. At the halfway point you begin to see a big cross which will indicate the point of arrival.

For the more trained, they can get off the opposite side, in this case you will return to the country in one hour and thirty minutes.

Useful Info

  • Height:

    530 meters above sea level

  • Distance from San Vito lo Capo:

    3 Km

  • Average journey time uphill:

    1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Average journey time down:

    1 hour

  • Difficulty:


  • Useful Tips:

    wear sturdy shoes (preferably boots) – a hat will be useful especially in the summer -water.

Monte Monaco Map
Monte Monaco Map
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