Mothia Isle in Stagnone reserve near Marsala

Mothia Isle


For the lovers of archeology, but also for those who love to go to discover places out of the ordinary sites, we suggest to visit the small island of Mozia.
This famous archaeological site lies along the Salt Road that connects Trapani to Marsala.

The ancient Phoenician city was founded in the eighth century a. C. on the island of San Pantaleo, in the middle of the Lagoon of Stagnone.
Mozia was famous throughout the Mediterranean Sea for the richness of its trade.

Accidentaly discovered by an English enthusiast of archeology, Joseph Whitaker, Mozia represents something unique in the world.
Very famous are the ancient necropolis, the House of the Mosaics, the House of the Amphoras , the ancient walls, the shrine and the Tophet.

Do not miss the visit to the rich museum, where there are Greek amphorae, jewelry and amulets, a collection of vases and the famous “Giovinetto” (the young) of Mozia, discovered on October 26, 1979.

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