The salt pans of Trapani

The salt pans of Trapani

The salt pans of Trapani

Saline di Trapani

The western coast of Sicily, from Trapani to Marsala is one of the most fascinating places of our island.
There are two Natural Reserves that extend into this area, the Oriented Natural Reserve of Saline di Trapani and Paceco and the Lagoon Reserve of Stagnone, in Marsala.
Starting from Trapani along the Salt Road southwards you can see the first area with  many vasche (water boxes) of seawater.
This site is very important for the survival of many biological species; it is one of the rare examples in which the man with his work has contributed to the preservation of nature.
Many migratory birds stay in this little paradise like the cavalieri d'Italia,  wild ducks, herons and pink or white flamingos.
Phoenicians had probably already understood the natural vocation of this land; the low coast, the continued presence of winds and a very warm climate were the ideal place for the extraction of sea salt.
It is hard to describe the emotions that you feel as you walk along the edge of these long canals, lined with rare plants and frequented by birds that move with security, not frightened by your presence .
The Reserve of “Saline di Trapani e Paceco” was born in 1995.
The management has been entrusted to the WWF-Italy, whose registered office is located at the Mulino Maria Stella, within the Reserve. In summer it is even possible to do a guided tour of it.
There are about 60 windmills, the oldest one is an Arabic mill with six wooden paddles, while the American mill has 26 blades of galvanized sheet metal.
In the area of Nubia there is the interesting Salt Museum.

Useful info:

  • Ente gestore WWF ITALIA

    Riserva Naturale Orientata Saline di Trapani e Paceco
    Via G. Garibaldi n.138, c.da Nubia 91027 Paceco (TP)
  • Per info su visite guidate
    Tel. 0923 867700 - 327 5621529
  • Come arrivare:

    Partendo da San Vito Lo Capo in auto si giunge a Trapani in 45 minuti circa e imboccando la provinciale che da Trapani porta a Marsala,chiamata Via del Sale, si giunge alla Riserva in 15 minuti.

Saline al tramonto
Saline al tramonto
Fenicotteri rosa
Fenicotteri rosa
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