San Vito Lo Capo. The San Martino summer is here!

San Vito Lo Capo. The San Martino summer is here!

San Vito Lo Capo. The San Martino summer is here!

San Vito Lo Capo. The San Martino summer is here!

After the fantastic edition of Cous Cous Fest, with many guests and so much couscous and after the sporting achievements of climbers from all over Europe, San Vito Lo Capo returned to his leisurely pace ever, typically Sicilian, also enjoys the warm Indian summer Martino.

The long sandy beach, crystal clear sea, the blue sky reveal all the charms of this corner of Caribbean colors.

A fantastic European anticyclone is actually coming across the continent in the tradition and will remain in Sicily until Christmas.
So, do not put aside the bathing suit and reward yourself as sunny day spent by the sea or through the paths of Zingaro.


What matters is to better enjoy the short break and return home full of memories and experiences.
Sleep in San Vito Lo Capo or in the nearby villages of Castelluzzo and Macari will be an excellent choice to enjoy the sea in the morning and then go around to discover villages and castles ...


We want to offer 6 destinations that allow you to enjoy this magical moment and discover and appreciate the natural and artistic beauty of western Sicily ...
... Be inspired and enjoy the ride!

Considering that the best way to get to Sicily is by plane, you can choose the airport to Palermo or Trapani and rent a car to move around comfortably.


1 Erice, a castle for his Goddess.

Erice is one of the most spectacular medieval villages and manicured Sicily, perched on Mount namesake, overlooking Trapani and the Egadi archipelago.
Its history is mixed with myth.
Here, in ancient times, sailors came from all over the Mediterranean, went up the mountain and reached the temple of the goddess Venus, hoping that through their gifts elargisse the protection and well-being.

Wander the narrow streets but do not forget to enter its bakeries.
Erice is a real balcony overlooking the sea which offers a unique panorama that sweeps from Mount Hood to the salt flats of Trapani through the Aegadian and on days of clarity can also admire the coast of Africa.
Among the things to visit:
The Balio Gardens, from which you can admire from the Pepoli Tower, the symbol of the multiculturalism of the Mediterranean, the Castle of Venus, the Museum Cordici guardian of a refined Head of Venus, the Phoenician gigantic walls that protect the village and the monumental Mother Church interiors truly amazing.

If you love the Sicilian sweets and want to learn the secrets of the sisters can participate in the lessons of the famous Maria Grammarian who proffering advice and stories about the origins of the pastry Erice. To make a reservation call 0923869390


2 Mozia ... only 10 minutes to take a leap of 2,800 years!
Mozia was a Phoenician city located in the tiny island of San Pantaleo, in the middle of the Stagnone of Marsala.

Its discovery is due to the passion for archeology of the young Englishman Giuseppe Whitaker around 1906.
From the landing, opposite the islet, small boats leave every day that reach in a few minutes, in an atmosphere of great charm.
Must do the walking path around the island, a route that passes through the necropolis, the Kothon (a hidden port), and the House of the Mosaics.

But it is interesting to visit the small and precious museum which Whitaker loved treat myself, where there are large number of finds and, when not traveling the world, you can admire the beautiful and mysterious statue of the Young Man of Mozia.
Do not leave without visiting the Saline Stagnone, a few minutes from the boat, a truly unique experience at sunset.


3 A Medieval Castle on the slopes of a hill.
If you are looking for beautiful places not having to miss the visit of the Castle Grifeo Partanna, a real medieval castle, one of the best preserved in western Sicily.
Its present form dates from the fourteenth century, but the origins of the castle are much older, Grifeo today the Castle is home to the Regional Museum of Prehistory of Belize - interpretation center and territorial development.
The castle is full of surprises, has many baronial rooms tastefully furnished, old cellars in which were built huge barrels, towers from which to admire the surrounding countryside, stables and secret tunnels.

You will be a walk into an ancient Roman cistern.
A wonderful experience for the little ones always looking for adventure.
Where: Piazza Welcome Graffeo - opening hours: 9:30 / 13:30 to 15:30 / 18:30
info: 0924 923970


 4 corals, silver and many surprises ...
A valuable forum for a museum full of works of art.
Museum Pepoli in Trapani

The Museum is located in a former convent of the Carmelite Fathers, adjacent to the famous shrine of Annunziata, which preserves the marble statue of the "Madonna of Trapani", the work of the century. XIV attributed to the artist Nino Pisano.
Here are the works of the old masters artisans Trapani that from six hundred to seven hundred were famous throughout Europe for corals, ceramics, gold and silver; no shortage collections of painting and sculpture, also interesting the field of sculpture crib.

Opening-working hours: from 9.00 to 20.00
Sunday and holidays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
Tickets: 6,00 € full price - € 3.00 reduced (from 18 to 25 years old) - free of charge up to 18 years.
Free admission the first Sunday of the month.
Via Conte Agostino Pepoli, 180 Trapani
Until 8 December you can visit the exhibition "Picasso and his passions"


5 Touch the sea salt with your hands
The Natural Reserve of Saline of Trapani is a must-see; its large saltwater tanks give the surrounding landscape an aura of magic especially at sunset, when you turn red. The ideal is to turn them bicycle from Trapani.
This place will remain in our hearts ...


6 Gibellina Old and New
There are places that can make us live strong emotions for the historical value they represent ... The Cretto Burri is one of them.
After the earthquake in 1968 that struck the Belice valley, the ruins of Gibellina were covered by a huge white cement flow almost like a shroud on the victims of that terrible tragedy.
Cretto Alberto Burri is a great work of land art and striking from afar with its vastness, he took with his work keeping the memory of this place and of those terrible moments.
Also interesting New Gibellina with its streets and squares rich in works of great artists from all over the world to raise this land from his suffering.
A real museum in the open air.
Attention to the signs ... the navigator could lose your way


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