Walking through the Nature

Walking through the Nature

Walking through the Nature

Walking through the Nature

Who loves taking long walks in the countryside and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the sea will find in San Vito Lo Capo many routes to go even with your little ones. 

Walking is good for the spirit and the body... and if you walk among the colors and scents of the Mediterranean, then the sensory experience is complete and rewarding.

For those who are willing to wear a backpack and a pair of comfortable boots we will show some trails that will make you appreciate San Vito Lo Capo, not only for its sea, but also for its beautiful scenery.

The main advice is to avoid the hottest hours of the day and always have water with you.


The first path is certainly the one of the Zingaro Nature Reserve

Seven kilometers of trail along the bluest sea. There are many coves where you can stop for a quick bath in the middle of the nature. There are two possible routes: One, simpler, parallel and close to the coast, the other reaches the highest part of the ridge of the mountains. Inside the Zingaro Nature Reserve there is a small nature museum.
The entrance fee (5.00 €), will give you a map and all the information you'll need.


Another reserve that worth a visit is the one of Monte Cofano.

Situated a few kilometers south east of San Vito Lo Capo is the limestone promontory of Monte Cofano that rises majestically over the sea.
Visible from Trapani its elegant form offers impressive panoramic views.

Also here are two possibilities: a plain path that allows you to walk the circumnavigation of the mountain, to discover the ancient watchtowers, while for the most ‘daring’, we suggest a path a bit more difficult but will allow you to reach the top and enjoy a 360-degree panorama.
Stunning view that cannot be missed!


Monte Monaco
Who comes to San Vito Lo Capo will fall in love with the promontory overlooking the beach and the town, Monte Monaco.
If you want to reach the top, you can follow a route, quite comfortable to go; it is an old path used by farmers, recently discovered, cleaned and rearranged; following it, in just an hour and a half walk you will reach the summit, where there is a large wooden cross.
The show is guaranteed, at a glance you can admire the town and its beach and also the Gulf of Monte Cofano.
An unforgettable view.
The route starts from the ring of the country and is marked by a large sign showing the characteristics of the path. Good signage will guide you along the way.


From Cala Mancina to Isulidda

Finally, another location, simple but very striking is the one that starts from Cala Mancina and reaches l'Isulidda (Gulf of Macari) a small island located in front of a small cove destination of many bathers. It starts from a dirt road to the west of Faro, which then becomes a path. On the one hand you will always have the sea with its rocky coast and on the other, in parallel, you will see the famous cliffs, walls up to 40 meters, where you will meet certainly the talented climbers. Along the cliffs there are magnificent caves including the Cave Horses with cave paintings, and also the complex of caves of 'Isulidda.



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