Why eating couscous is better than eating meat?

Why eating couscous is better than eating meat?

Why eating couscous is better than eating meat?

Why eating couscous is better than eating meat?


It sounds like a bombshell that a few days rages on social and in newspapers but in fact it is known that the abuse of certain foods can cause damage our health, as it has always known the goodness of so-called Mediterranean diet.

But first:

Based on more than 800 studies, l’OMS states that consume too many red meat, pork, salami and sausages and processed meat in general, can cause cancer. Even scholars say that taking 50 grams per day of these foods increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%.

Not just the most processed foods to be accused but also the cooking methods used to prepare them, first of all the cooking on the grill.

But of course, we must not exaggerate the contrary, it is best to seek the proper balance.

Many doctors argue that not only is the meat to be dangerous for our body but a range of products too elaborate and referred to as "junk", and of course much depends on the amount ingested. Eating meat or sausages once or twice a week there won’t procure major damage, especially if we balance our diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

In the heart of the Mediterranean Diet

San Vito Lo Capo has always married the Mediterranean diet and made it its flag gastronomy and culture. Here it produces a very good olive oil, we are talking always km 0 food and seasonal products to be consumed fresh, such as fish or Capone or Lampuga that in this period numerous fishing in front of our coasts and the San Vito know cook in a thousand ways.

Cous Cous Fest is the highlight of the summer season, the highlight of this territory; for 18 years his message goes in the direction of good nutrition and the knowledge that the food should also serve to unite different cultures and people at the table.

This event, now famous worldwide, also involves the children, making them the protagonists of activities that will get used to hire new eating behaviors.

Good food and good habits are then two inseparable components that help improve our way of life and our health.

Let, then, the alarmism that can create misinformation and go out of fashion very quickly and instead begin to make good habits with our children, because that's just what you eat every day that can create health problems and not what you eat rarely.


But in the end what should worry this research?

The results should make us understand that it is increasingly important to be aware of what we eat and that does not mean totally eliminate certain food from our table, but reduce them.

So perhaps a tasty dish of couscous ...!


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