We guys .. one year later

We guys .. one year later

We guys .. one year later

We guys .. one year later


Last year, the Mayor Matteo Rizzo, who had promised a hundred kids of the '70s, now mature men and women, to find themselves in the enchanted place of their youth, San Vito lo Capo, reminded them those fantastic years and reiterate almost 50 years later the joy of being together again, and keep the beach and the sea clear in their memories.

A photo exhibition of young people of that time - "We Boys of the 70s" - was the background to the "how we were". It took place in Via Venza, the cultural salon of the country. "This has become a regular event for San Vito" assured Mayor Rizzo, and this year the youth of the '70s will find themselves remembering the smells, the colors, the flavors of this land that continues to reap rewards and successes for its beauty.

The event is scheduled for sunday, June 26th, and in this occasion will be presented the book of memories of one of the first tourists in San Vito, which at that time was just a child. Memories, emotions and sensations recalled in the book will be the prelude to an evening of music and dances linked to that period.

“The success of the last year, gathered with the level of the photo exhibition, made me read the joy in the eyes of the participants, the pleasure of seeing people, who maybe for forty years have no longer come back to San Vito: all this assures me of the significance of the initiative and of the opportunities for the city Council to cooperate to the success of this event, "says Matteo Rizzo.

The idea of bringing in San Vito "Boys of the 70s" was made by Sandra Bortoluzzi (Trento), Catherine Risica (Palermo), Flavia Maiorana (Cremona) and Amalia Cammareri (Verbania) that spent their holidays in San Vito in the decade of the 70s; the success was big, and the day of the inauguration of the exhibition, in front of the tourist office of the City, they found themselves in tens, hundreds, who all went to the evening at the talk show in Via Venza. This year they want to do this again.




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