Discover the most beautiful beaches in western Sicily

Discover the most beautiful beaches in western Sicily

Discover the most beautiful beaches in western Sicily

Discover the most beautiful beaches in western Sicily

Along the coast that goes from the Zingaro Reserve to Monte Cofano, besides the wonderful beach of San Vito Lo Capo there are lovely bays and coves to visit!

If you like to dive or snorkel you will find yourself in the right place, the coast is rich in coves, small grottoes and trotters, coral reefs (a carbonated shell made of shellfish).

If you want to stay away from the crowd, take refuge in the tranquility of these corners of paradise ... rich in magic!

You will not be spoiled for choice!

Thanks to this small guide you will discover the beauty of some hidden corners ... precious for your relaxation.


• Isulidda

This small bay takes its name from the rock that is right in front of "Isulidda" (small island). On the rocky wall overlooking the coast you can admire the tower of the same name. An enchanting place for both the gulf view and the ease with which it can be reached. Also suitable for small children.

Here you will enjoy unforgettable sunsets.


• Bue Marino

Set on the coast below Macari's belvedere is bathed by a sea that swings between emerald green and turquoise, a true jewel of nature, this small shingle beach has its own particular charm.

For its extraordinary beauty was awarded in 2016 the title of "the most beautiful beach in Italy" in a contest of LegAmbiente. Its waters degrade gently and are therefore also suitable for children.


• Caletta Rosa

We could define this part of the cliff a footbridge on the sea. The rocks, smooth and a pink powder, go down to the transparent waters and allow you to bathe in a magical place. Use the beach shoes, not very suitable for small children.


• Scaru Brucia

After crossing the big bay of Santa Margherita Bay you go to the other small beaches. Scaru Brucia is a small sandy cove surrounded by flat rocks.

• The Chianca

This part of the coast is flat like a slab, hence its name 'A Chianca. Here you will find the Trottoir: a long, flat, carbonated coastal form that remains constantly on the surface of water. Formed by a process of cementing shells of some species of molluscs, they represent an important biostructure typical of the Mediterranean Sea, similar to coral reefs.

Here the crystalline sea looks like a pool, in fact it is deep down. Sea shoes are recommended, not to slip through the rocks or to get out of the water comfortably.

  • Scaru Zu Asparu

This beach is great if you have children, in fact the creek is shallow and sheltered from the side rocks. Its name Scaru Zu Asparu means uncle of Uncle Gaspare, here probably was dumped the fish and then brought to the market. 

• Calazza

To get to this beach, you can easily take the Via Calazza from Castelluzzo.

It is one of the most famous coasts of the coast, easy to reach, wide and largely sandy.

Nearby is a bunker dating back to the last war.


• Agliareddi Coves

Not far from each other, almost at the entrance of the Reserve of Monte Cofano we find the two beautiful coves of Agliareddi white pebbles.

A corner of great beauty dominated by the whole gulf. Easy to reach by car via a coastal dirt road.


• Tower Tono

A bathroom under the ancient Tower of Defense is an unforgettable experience. The gulf show, almost always calm, with the backdrop of the rocky walls of Cala Mancina are truly one of the most beautiful things to see, so it's worth walking a few hundred feet on foot.

The Tower of "Tono" is in fact inside the Reserve of Monte Cofano. Inside the Tower you can visit an exhibition on the sighting towers of the area. (The ticket to the Reserve costs 2 euros).



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